Dialogue Engineering: The Dialogue Systems Development Lifecycle

  • Michael F. McTear


The spoken dialogue systems development lifecycle is in many ways similar to the traditional software development lifecycle. There are a number of stages in the lifecycle: requirements analysis, functional specification, design, implementation, testing and evaluation. However, speech interfaces differ in many ways from traditional graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Speech is a very different input mode compared with the keyboard and mouse, particularly with respect to the fact that speech recognition is error-prone. Furthermore, the types of dialogue that can be conducted using speech differ from (GUI)-based interaction in terms of their structure, potential complexity, and the ways in which the dialogue initiative can shift between the system and the user. For these reasons a number of methodologies and guidelines have evolved over the past few years that are specific to speech-based interfaces. This chapter will review some of these methodologies and guidelines. A system for obtaining and updating information about students and courses, the Student Information System1 will be used to illustrate the different stages in the development process (Rooney, 2002).


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  1. 1.
    This system was developed by Elizabeth Rooney as part of the requirements for the MSc Informatics at the University of Ulster. The speech-based system developed in the dissertation is based on the current GUI-based Student System at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT), Ireland.Google Scholar

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