Talking with Computers: Fact or Fiction?

  • Michael F. McTear


The alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. Rachel stirs slightly, turns over and mutters “snooze”. Ten minutes later the alarm goes off again. Rachel wakes up and says “off” She stretches, yawns and drags herself out of bed. She turns to the small box beside her bed and says “What’s the weather like today?”“In Belfast this morning, cloudy at first with some sunshine later, temperature 12 degrees in the morning rising to around 16 in mid-afternoon,” comes back the response from the box.“How about tomorrow?” “The outlook for Tuesday is some light showers at first with heavier rain and possibly some thundershowers spreading from the west towards late afternoon.” “And in Barcelona?”“The weather forecast for Barcelona is sunny, with temperatures rising from 16 degrees in the early morning to 25 in mid-afternoon.”“What about the Costa Brava?”“I’m sorry,”replies the box,“I do not know the place you are asking about. Try asking for a city or country. For example, what cities do you know about in Spain?”“Never mind”responds Rachel with a hint of slight irritation on her way to the bathroom.


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