Overview of National Regulatory Practices for Using PSA in Slovakia

  • Jan Husarcek
Conference paper


This paper describes regulatory practices for using PSA in Slovakia. The approach of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic to the PSA and its applications in practice are shortly outlined. Duties of the utility are provided on the scope, contents, review, quality assurance, and upgrading of PSA. Probabilistic safety criteria are given. Requirements to the PSA methodology, documentation, and results presentation are summarized. An overview of the PSA developments and comprehensive results of recent level-1 PSA studies for Slovak nuclear power plants Bohunice V-1, V-2, and Mochovce are given. Risk profile is shortly commented. PSA applications to plant design evaluation, support of plant upgrade and backfit activities, use of PSA in connection with plant technical specifications and evaluation of operational events are shortly described.


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  1. 1.Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (UJD SR)BratislavaSlovakia

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