New frontiers in the management of explosion hazard

  • Alfredo Romano
  • Antonio Fidelibus
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Recent project engeneering have permitted to find technical solutions wich using in an original way consolidated building technologies and introducing others more innovative, have pointed out solutions to several problems. That solutions aim at solving a wide and expandable range of problems connected with bunkering existing buildings and newly constructed buildings. The parameters wich can be determined through the risk analysis are sufficient to define the requisites of resistant capacity wich the construction is to sustain and therefore to plan the necessary adjustment interventions. The article illustrates some project solutions which have been adopted and which in that case had to make the building resistant to an overpressure wave of 0, 1 bar and to a 180minute fire. Project solutions refer to: the system of fixed glass windows, the system used for blind or grid doors, both fire-proof and explosion-proof; how to determine the size and the characteristics of a 16cm thick concrete wall and the criteria used for steel reinforcement.


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