The Use of PSA for Development and Evaluation of NPP Dukovany Symptom-oriented EOPs

  • Stanislav Husták
  • Milan Patrík
Conference paper


Living PSA program for NPP Dukovany, a four unit 440 MWe VVER 440 type NPP in Czech Republic, has been established as a framework for all activities related to risk assessment and risk based decision-making support in NPP Dukovany. This project is maintained in Nuclear Research Institute (NRI) in Rez near Prague, Czech Republic. Continuously updated PSA model has been extensively used both for development and for evaluation of NPP Dukovany symptom-based Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs). The paper focuses on the process, how PSA for NPP Dukovany affected development and implementation of symptom-based EOPs in NPP Dukovany. The important insights and conclusions, which were obtained from EOPs pre-evaluation by PSA model and from EOPs incorporation into living PSA model, are discussed as well.


Shutdown Operation Remedy Action Accident Scenario Nuclear Research Institute Probabilistic Safety Assessment 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Stanislav Husták
    • 1
  • Milan Patrík
    • 1
  1. 1.Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc (ÚJV)Husinec-RezCzech Republic

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