Global assessment of the technological risks relative to the transport and the storage of chemical products

  • Raphaël Defert
  • Emmanuel Ruffin
Conference paper


Industrial activity requires the production and the use of dangerous goods in the chemical plants. It also requires their transport between these installations. These products thus present risks on the plants sites, but also between them, because of their transport. Today, regulations constrain chemical plants to minimise their risks. This is in this context that the GLOBAL project will examine how the logistic strategies of the industrialists can influence the risks due to the transport of dangerous goods. For example, by minimising the quantities stored in the fixed installations, does one increase the risks due to transport and in this case, up to what point? The objective of the present research is to examine new risks assessments methods of quantification that could be applied both for the fixed installations and for transport, and then bring global answers.


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  • Raphaël Defert
    • 1
  • Emmanuel Ruffin
    • 1
  1. 1.INERISVerneuil-en-HalatteFrance

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