The Role of Probabilistic Safety Analysis in Radioactive Waste Management — A UK Regulatory View

  • Geoffrey J. Vaughan
Conference paper


The operation of nuclear facilities over the last fifty years in the UK has led to a legacy of radioactive wastes in various forms. These wastes have resulted from, inter alia, the manufacture of fuel elements, the generation of electricity and the treatment of spent fuel. The decommissioning of facilities also produces a large quantity of radioactive material. As this legacy is addressed these waste materials need to be managed so that the risks to people and the environment are kept as low as reasonably practicable. Currently in the UK no decision has been made regarding the ultimate management of intermediate and high level wastes so that extended passively safe storage on nuclear licensed sites of large quantities of waste is being planned. This paper explores various issues related to the demonstration of safety in the management of radioactive wastes, in particular the role that PSA might play.


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