Analysis of the Risks of the Population due to Airplane Crashes Around Zürich Airport

  • Andreas F. Bienz
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The international airport of Zürich is situated about 10 km to the north of Zürich-City (Fig. 1). There are three runways, two of them orientated from northwest to southeast, one from west to east; two of them cross each other. The area towards the south, especially the suburbs lying between the airport and the City of Zürich belong to the most densely populated areas of Switzerland. This is why the main air traffic has always approached from the more thinly populated north. Thereby incoming flights have also used German territory, the border lying some 15 km to the northwest from the airport. Almost all traffic is performed by commercial airlines. In 2001 around 320,000 movements (scheduled and charter flights) were registered; currently there are about 250,000.


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