Development of Guidance for “PSA Quality for Applications”

  • Irina Kouzmina
  • Friedrich Niehaus
  • Vesselina Ranguelova
Conference paper


The Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) is increasingly being used in many countries, complementary to the traditional deterministic analysis and defence-in-depth provisions, as part of the decision-making process to assess the level of safety of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and to support various risk-informed applications. The quality of PSA becomes a matter of the “robustness” of the decisions. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been developing guidance aimed at describing approaches, methodology, and data needed to obtain appropriate PSA technical features for specific applications. These include a “Base Case PSA” assessing the overall NPP safety level. The paper outlines the concept and content of the guidance document and discusses its usage in practice in the future.


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  • Irina Kouzmina
    • 1
  • Friedrich Niehaus
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  • Vesselina Ranguelova
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  1. 1.International Atomic Energy AgencyViennaAustria

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