Knowledge Based Risk and Quality Management for Feed and Food

  • Christian Dirmeier
Conference paper


Allergies, BSE, GMO (Gene Manipulated Organism), Salmonella, Antibiotics … safety of food is only achievable by establishing a transparent and watertight quality management of all products and the whole production chain. Systematic inspection of products, qualification and certification of companies and the possibility of back tracing food from farm to fork are the only way to get back into consumers trust. Our Quality Transparency Information System for Food (QuaTIS-F) enables quality management of complete production chains for the first time. Bundling all inspection and certification processes in one single system allows the back tracing of all quality ensuring tasks and certifications. Flexible configuration opportunities allow the representation of any production chain and product in the feed and food branch. Integration of all parties of the quality assurance chain like authorities, auditors and the manufacturers themselves guarantees the assembly of all relevant data. Thus QuaTIS-F fulfils substantial demands of the government like the EU act 178/2002. Wide spread controlling functions for tracking and distributing tasks to employees of the instances for inspection, controlling and supervising are also included. Intelligent and individual opportunities for evaluation allow reliable, knowledge based risk management continuous quality improvement.


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