On the Application of PSA Component Reliability and Maintenance Data as a Long Term Safety Indicator

  • Jens-Uwe Klügel
Conference paper


Since 1994 NPP Goesgen has been maintaining a complete Level 2 PSA (full power) including external and area events as well as a complete Level 1 Shutdown PSA. The PSA is updated on a regular basis including a periodic update of plant specific component reliability and maintenance data. To assess the long term efficiency of the ageing management program in addition to deterministic evaluation criteria the reliability and maintenance data collected for the PSA are used as a plant internal safety indicator. For this purpose a new approach was developed, which combines component reliability and maintenance unavailability data into a joint parameter, suitable for judging the success of the plant ageing management and maintenance program for active components. This indicator is used in addition to the analysis of typical plant-specific maintenance configurations with the help of a full scope PSA applied to the confirmation of existing technical specifications.


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  • Jens-Uwe Klügel
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  1. 1.Kernkraftwerk Goesgen-Daeniken, KraftwerkstrasseDaenikenSwitzerland

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