Managing Infrastructure Security Risk

  • Daniel C. Rees
  • Kenneth I. Rubin
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The VSATTM Methodology and Software bring fresh, new insights to senior executives who face difficult questions about whether and how much to invest in security for their enterprises. By simplifying sophisticated risk analytic processes, VSAT™ enables users to evaluate exactly where they may be vulnerable to a wide range of threats to their physical infrastructure, IT platform, employees, customers, and knowledgebase. Armed with such insights, VSATTM plans and optimizes changes in procedures, organizations, equipment, hardware, and software to reduce risks consistent with budget, manpower, and other limitations. VSATTM was originally developed for the Water and Wastewater sector, but has been adapted for many other applications including other utilities, industry, airports, manufacturing, and office buildings.


Vulnerability Assessment Physical Threat Critical Asset System Upgrade Probabilistic Safety Assessment 
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