Human Factors

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We have discussed at some length the relevant technical factors associated with the deployment of applications which incorporate an automated biometric identity check, but there are other factors to take into account in this context. Primary among these are perhaps human factors. You may consider that human factors are mostly associated with system usability or individual capability and certainly these are important points to consider, but there is more to it than that. Human factors can have a direct and significant impact upon operational systems performance. They should also figure prominently when designing attendant processes for exception handling, registration and, indeed, the functionality and operation of the whole application. We are, after all, considering applications in which humans play a very significant part, otherwise, why would we be considering automated biometric identity checks? If the identity of the individual is critical to our application, then so is the manner in which the individual interfaces with the application. This is not just a matter of systems usability, although this is a factor which will be discussed later. It is an altogether more complex area, but one which is important to understand if we are to implement successful applications of this kind. We shall therefore in this chapter consider the human factors element with special regard to the use of biometrics. For purposes of clarity, we have sub-divided this area into three. User psychology, a look at the importance of individual characteristics and scalability with regard to human factors.


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