2003: Shredder, the Comeback Kid, Comes Back at 11th WCCC

  • Monty Newborn


The 11th World Computer Chess Championship took place in Graz, Austria, November 21, 2003–November 30, 2003. A beautiful exhibition hall called the Dome in the Mountain, located in the Schlossberg, a castle hill in the center of Graz, was the site of the games. For the first time the event was organized by the newly formed International Computer Games Association (ICGA), which the former ICCA had evolved into as a result of the growing links between programmers of different games. It was also the first time that a world computer chess championship was held one year after the previous one, rather than after a 3-year interval, a new practice that would continue. And, it was also the first time that the championship was coupled up with the Computer Olympiad, David Levy’s creation intended to parallel the Olympic Games, but for computers.


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