2003: Deep Junior Confounds Kasparov, Drawing 3–3 in New York

  • Monty Newborn


If Kramnik couldn’t restore dignity to the human race in Bahrain, perhaps Kasparov could do it in his match with Deep Junior in New York, scheduled for January 26, 2003–February 7, 2003. Kasparov was approximately 40 rating points stronger than Kramnik, although the latter was now world champion, and the opponent wouldn’t be Deep Fritz or Deep Blue, but an even stronger Deep Junior. In spite of Deep Fritz’s defeat of Deep Junior to gain the right to play Kramnik, Deep Junior had a stronger record over recent years and held the title of world computer chess champion. Thus the showdown between Kasparov and Deep Junior pitted two even larger giants against each another than did the brawl in Bahrain.


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