2010: Rybka Romps Again at 18th WCCC

  • Monty Newborn


The 18th World Computer Chess Championship was held in the Shiinoki Cultural Center in Kanazawa, Japan, September 24–October 1, 2010. It was hosted by the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST). Ten chess engines participated in the nine-round round-robin event, including three from the USA, three from Germany, two from Hungary, and single entries from Israel and Hungary. Rybka was there to defend her title, now 3 years running. Rondo, a derivative of Zappa, Deep Junior, and Shredder figured to be the main threats. Rondo was the work of Zach Wegner, a student of Anthony Cozzie. Missing was Deep Sjeng.


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  1. The results were given daily on the ICGA website:
  2. Communications with Vasik Rajlich, Lucas Cimiotti, Zach Wegner, and Johannes Zwanger.Google Scholar

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