2007: Zappa Upsets Rybka in Mexico City, 5.5–4.5

  • Monty Newborn


Three months following the 15th World Computer Chess Championship in Amsterdam, where Rybka finished in first place one point ahead of Zappa and where the remainder of the field trailed in the distance, these two giant chess engines went head to head in a ten-game match in Mexico City for a $10,000 prize. The event took place in the Hotel Centro Historico Sheraton; at the same time, the human world championship was held with Vishwanathan Anand, the winner. The match, played September 20–27, 2007, consisted of ten games with a time control of 60 minutes per game plus 20 seconds per move. Because of problems bringing computers into Mexico, the two participants each used a remotely located 8-core Intel Xeon X5355 processor running at 2.66 GHz.


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