Wireless condition monitoring system for large vessels: Development and Application

  • Min-chan Shim
  • Bo-suk Yang
  • Young-mo Kong
  • Won-cheol Kim
Conference paper


The wireless measurement system (Wi-Measys) is developed for an effective vibration monitoring on large vessels. Global vibration measurement mainly executed constructed vessels on a trial running. This application was performed as a solution for replacing existing wired instrumentations by wireless one. The installations of wired sensors cause a manpower shortage, a cost prohibitive and very susceptible to noise through coaxial cables in a complex structure. However, these costs can be significantly reduced by utilizing a wireless system. Wi- Measys is applied on container-ship where conducted a vibration testing on an engine room, deckhouse, and upper deck. This paper presented about how to apply a wireless measurement system and wireless local area network to a large ship have complex structure and how to develop data acquisition board to fit the environment of the vessel.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Min-chan Shim
    • 1
  • Bo-suk Yang
    • 1
  • Young-mo Kong
    • 2
  • Won-cheol Kim
    • 3
  1. 1.School of Mechanical EngineeringPukyong National UniversityNam-gu, BusanKorea, Republic of
  2. 2.Vibration & Noise R&D TeamDaewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.Geoje-siKorea, Republic of
  3. 3.School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Institute of Marine IndustryGyeongsang National UniversityTongyeongKorea, Republic of

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