A Computerized model for assessing the return on investment in maintenance; following up maintenance contribution in company profit

  • Basim Al-Najjar
Conference paper


In order to reduce as much as possible the economic losses that are generated due to lack or inefficient maintenance, it is necessary to map, analyse and judge maintenance performance and act on deviations before it is too late. It is always necessary for a company to act for increasing profit and consequently enhance its competitiveness. In this paper, a software model (MainSave) has been developed for mapping, monitoring, analysis, following up and assessing the cost-effectiveness of maintenance (and maintenance investments). MainSave can be used for assessing savings and profit/losses due to maintenance performance, identify problem areas and primarily plan for new beneficial investments in maintenance. The module has been tested at Fiat/CRF in Italy. The major conclusion is; applying MainSave it would be possible to identify, assess and follow up maintenance contribution in company business.


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