Decentralized Systems with Multi-controllers

  • Magdi S. Mahmoud


This chapter looks at particular classes of decentralized systems that incorporate multiple controllers in their basic operation. Three distinct types of these systems are identified: multi-channel time-delay systems, interconnected networked systems and discrete-systems with saturating controllers. In the first two types, the mathematical analysis treats initially with interconnected time-delay systems to develop general delay-dependent stability and stabilization results. Then, several interesting cases are derived. The subsystems are subjected to convex-bounded parametric uncertainties and/or additive feedback gain perturbations. The third type is concerned with stabilization decentralized linear saturating plants. The basic tool is the construction use of appropriate Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals. We characterize decentralized linear matrix inequalities (LMIs)-based conditions. Resilient decentralized dynamic output-feedback stabilization schemes are designed such that the family of closed-loop feedback subsystems enjoys the delay-dependent asymptotic stability with a prescribed γ-level \({\mathcal{L}}_{2}\) gain for each subsystem.


Network Control System Interconnected System Open Unit Disc Actuator Saturation Linear Time Invariant 
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