Photography of Dermatological Laser Treatment

  • Ashish C. Bhatia
  • Shraddha Desai
  • Doug Roach


The use of illustrations and imaging has always had an essential role in the practice of medicine. In the field of dermatology, where visual identification is imperative, the development of small film cameras not only simplified the description of lesions made by medical dermatologists, but also allowed for pre- and post-procedural depictions of interventions for surgical and cosmetic dermatologists8. Now, with the advent of digital cameras and its ongoing evolution, clinicians are able to apply this efficient technology to cataloging outcomes of cutaneous laser therapy.


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  • Shraddha Desai
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  • Doug Roach
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  2. 2.The Dermatology Institute of DuPage Medical GroupNapervilleUSA
  3. 3.Loyola University - Stritch School of MedicineMaywoodUSA
  4. 4.Miller School of MedicineUniversity of MiamiMiamiUSA

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