Guidelines and Technical Aspects in Face Composite Tissue Transplantation

  • Frank Papay


Face transplantation combines the surgical complexity of multiple subspecialties that require an organized systematic approach to the evaluation of potential face transplant candidates, donors and surgical team members. Once established, the face transplant team should comprise of the scientific, clinical and surgical expertise than can orchestrate a successful operation on a well chosen patient. Our efforts at the Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Plastic Surgery first face transplantation procedure revealed guidelines and technical aspects in facial composite tissue transplantation that can guide other institutions in their efforts to expand composite tissue transplantation as not just a state-of-the-art surgery but rather the future standard of care for those debilitated patients that have exhausted all facets of facial reconstruction. This chapter is meant as only a guideline since each subsequent face transplantation patient will require a custom made surgical approach to both the donor face delivery and transplant procedure.


Facial Nerve Orbital Floor Facial Artery Infraorbital Nerve Transplant Team 
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