Migration Opportunities

  • Agnese Grasselli
  • Alessandro Vangelista
  • Stefano Bolli
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Main Players in ICT arena, especially those with multiple assets such as fixed and mobile networks are evolving towards innovative services that leverage on a particular asset’s specificity (e.g. mobility, bandwidth, location …) but assure a seamless user experience .

OPEN Project increases competences in solutions (architecture , middleware, applications and user experience ) able to support migration service scenarios such as the ones provided by the convergence between fixed and mobile services; telecommunication and consumer electronics devices/services, where users can migrate from an interface to another during their service usage.

Bringing these capabilities, Service Provider s could offer new value added services and enhanced user experience in multi-network environments differentiating their market offer.

Migration Platform could have an impact on several players in the ICT ecosystem; from service designers to transport networks.

It could also introduce a new role in the value chain and new type of business models, such as, considering in the cloud-based paradigm, migration capabilities offered “as a service”.


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