The Character Table

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Having parametrised the irreducible characters of the group G in the last chapter, it is natural to turn to the question of determining their values on the elements of G. For this, an important step is the calculation of the characters of the bimodules K[G/U] and \(H_{c}^{i}({\mathbf{Y}})\). For K[G/U], a little elementary linear algebra is sufficient. For \(H_{c}^{i}({\mathbf{Y}})\) it is necessary to invoke certain results from Appendix A. These calculations are enough in order to calculate the majority of the irreducible characters of G, but it does not allow us to determine the values of R±(α 0) and R′±(θ 0). In this last case, we will need to study their restriction to U and to utilise certain elementary arithmetic results (on Gauss sums).


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