Perspectives for Future Power System

  • Liisa Haarla
  • Mikko Koskinen
  • Ritva Hirvonen
  • Pierre-Etienne Labeau
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The Chapter describes the framework to ensure that secure system operation is also met with the electricity market and in the future power system. Legislation and agreements set requirements for transmission system planning and operational planning. The market design takes care of the implementation. In this section, the European electricity market design is referred to. The European market design illustrates ways for implementation and possibilities to face challenges introduced by electricity markets, the sustainable production of electricity and new emerging technologies.

The Chapter briefly describes electricity markets, sustainability and emerging new technologies in relation to system reliability, the co-operation and co-ordination between transmission system operators, the Chapter discusses the different congestion management methods of ensuring that induced power flows are within transfer limits.


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  • Mikko Koskinen
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  • Ritva Hirvonen
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  • Pierre-Etienne Labeau
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