Basic Concepts of Transmission Grid Planning

  • Liisa Haarla
  • Mikko Koskinen
  • Ritva Hirvonen
  • Pierre-Etienne Labeau
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Electric power systems play an important role in a modern society supplying electricity continuously to diverse applications. Conventionally, the power system has been functionally divided into three parts, the generation system, the transmission system and the distribution system. Electric power systems cover virtually all populated areas and the majority of people are dependent on services electricity supply facilitates.

What is characteristic of alternating current power systems is that a balance must be kept between electricity generation and consumption at every moment since in practice large scale electricity storage does not yet exist. The Chapter describes transmission planning from long term time frames to real-time system operation, presents factors that set the limits to the transmission capacity, and presents the most important components of the transmission system.


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  • Mikko Koskinen
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  • Ritva Hirvonen
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  • Pierre-Etienne Labeau
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