• Albert W. Grootendorst †
  • Jan Aarts
  • Miente Bakker
  • Reinie Erné
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1.1 The second part of Jan de Witt´s Elementa Curvarum Linearum is the essence of the whole work. The first part was merely a necessary preparation to Liber Secundus, which is referred to in the correspondence and in Part I as the tractatus (or compositio) locorum planorum et solidorum.

This last text was delivered to Van Schooten at the beginning of 1658. In a letter to Jan de Witt dated 8 February 1658, Van Schooten expressed his great appreciation for this work and promised to study it carefully and to help in any way he could with the preparation for publication.


Line Segment Intersection Point Unknown Quantity Plane Curf Analytic Geometry 
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