Jungle Computing: Distributed Supercomputing Beyond Clusters, Grids, and Clouds

  • Frank J. SeinstraEmail author
  • Jason Maassen
  • Rob V. van Nieuwpoort
  • Niels Drost
  • Timo van Kessel
  • Ben van Werkhoven
  • Jacopo Urbani
  • Ceriel Jacobs
  • Thilo Kielmann
  • Henri E. Bal
Part of the Computer Communications and Networks book series (CCN)


In recent years, the application of high-performance and distributed computing in scientific practice has become increasingly wide spread. Among the most widely available platforms to scientists are clusters, grids, and cloud systems. Such infrastructures currently are undergoing revolutionary change due to the integration of many-core technologies, providing orders-of-magnitude speed improvements for selected compute kernels. With high-performance and distributed computing systems thus becoming more heterogeneous and hierarchical, programming complexity is vastly increased. Further complexities arise because urgent desire for scalability and issues including data distribution, software heterogeneity, and ad hoc hardware availability commonly force scientists into simultaneous use of multiple platforms (e.g., clusters, grids, and clouds used concurrently). A true computing jungle .

In this chapter we explore the possibilities of enabling efficient and transparent use of Jungle Computing Systems in everyday scientific practice. To this end, we discuss the fundamental methodologies required for defining programming models that are tailored to the specific needs of scientific researchers. Importantly, we claim that many of these fundamental methodologies already exist today, as integrated in our Ibis high-performance distributed programming system. We also make a case for the urgent need for easy and efficient Jungle Computing in scientific practice, by exploring a set of state-of-the-art application domains. For one of these domains, we present results obtained with Ibis on a real-world Jungle Computing System. The chapter concludes by exploring fundamental research questions to be investigated in the years to come.


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