Parameter Sweep Job Submission to Clouds

  • P. KacsukEmail author
  • A. Marosi
  • M. Kozlovszky
  • S. Ács
  • Z. Farkas


This chapter introduces the existing connectivity and interoperability issues of Clouds, Grids, and Clusters and provides solutions to overcome these issues. The paper explains the principles of parameter sweep job execution by P-GRADE portal and gives some details on the concept of parameter sweep job submission to various Grids by the 3G Bridge. Then it proposes several possible solution variants how to extend the parameter sweep job submission mechanism of P-GRADE and 3G Bridge toward Cloud systems. Finally, it shows the results of performance measurements that were gained for the proposed solution variants.


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  • M. Kozlovszky
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  • S. Ács
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  • Z. Farkas
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