Perspective 3D Reconstruction of Nonrigid Objects

  • Guanghui Wang
  • Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Part of the Advances in Pattern Recognition book series (ACVPR)


The chapter focuses on the problem of nonrigid structure and motion factorization under perspective projection. Many previous methods are based on affine assumption that may be invalid and cause large reconstruction errors when the object is close to the camera. In this chapter, we propose two algorithms to extend these methods to full perspective projection model. The first one is a linear recursive algorithm, which updates the solution from weak-perspective to perspective projection by refining the projective depth scales. The second one is a nonlinear optimization scheme that minimizes the perspective reprojection residuals. Extensive experiments on synthetic and real image sequences are performed to validate the effectiveness of the algorithms.


Perspective Projection Reprojection Error Nonlinear Algorithm Motion Matrice Projective Depth 
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