Queueing Theory Applications in the Analysis of Computer and Communication Systems

  • Krishna M. Kavi
Part of the Statistics for Industry and Technology book series (SIT)


Queueing theory has been widely used to analyze computer systems and communication networks. This chaptcr introduces the use or simple queucing networks for modeling communication and computer systems. We show models based on both closed and open nctworks. Such simplified models can be used to obtain reasonable measures or performance and reliabilily of these systems. This Chapter also introduces techniques that can be analyzed using oomputational tools. One such technique is the Mean Value Analysis (MVA), which is often used with closed queueing network. MVA along with convolution techniques as well as approximate solutions can be used to analyze a large-scale compuler and communication systems. It sbould be noted that, Cloud computing systems or Iarge interconnected computers involve very complex network and interactions, and arc too difficult to model using queueing nctworks. Discrete event simulations are often used for such systems.


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