Semigroupoids and Groupoids

  • Dorina Mitrea
  • Irina Mitrea
  • Marius Mitrea
  • Sylvie Monniaux
Part of the Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis book series (ANHA)


This chapter amounts to a concise, self-contained introduction to the theory of semigroupoids and groupoids, from an algebraic and topologic point of view. In particular, a multitude of examples are presented and analyzed. On the algebraic side, an alternative description of Brant groupoids is provided and a structure theorem for semigroupoids established. On the topological side, the notion of topological groupoid is introduced and studied. To set the stage for future metrization results, the concept of partially defined distance is also considered here.


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  • Irina Mitrea
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  • Marius Mitrea
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  • Sylvie Monniaux
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  3. 3.UFR SciencesUniversité Aix-Marseille IIIMarseilleFrance

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