Tropical and Algebraic Curves with Multiple Points

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Patchworking theorems serve as a basic element of the correspondence between tropical and algebraic curves, which is a core area of tropical enumerative geometry. We present a new version of a patchworking theorem that relates plane tropical curves to complex and real algebraic curves having prescribed multiple points. It can be used to compute Welschinger invariants of nontoxic del Pezzo surfaces.


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The author was supported by the grant 465/04 from the Israel Science Foundation, a grant from the Higher Council for Scientific Cooperation between France and Israel, and a grant from Tel Aviv University. This work was completed during the author’s stay at the Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli, École Polytechnique Fédérale da Lausanne and at Laboratoire Émile Picard, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse. The author thanks the CIB-EPFL and UPS for the hospitality and excellent working conditions. Special thanks are due to I. Itenberg, who pointed out a mistake in the preliminary version of Theorem 3. Finally, I express my gratitude to the unknown referee for numerous remarks, corrections, and suggestions.


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