Thermoelastic Plates with Arc-Shaped Cracks

  • I. Chudinovich
  • C. Constanda


Bending theories of elastic plates describe the behavior of thin structures under external mechanical and thermal influences. Among the most accurate ones, Mindlin-type models provide information not only on the bending and twisting moments generated in the body, but also on the transverse shear forces acting across the thickness. In what follows we use a combination of variational and boundary integral equation techniques to study the mathematical properties and solution of the theory proposed in (Schiavone and Tait 1993), when the plate is weakened by an arc-shaped crack. The corresponding results in the absence of the temperature factor can be found in (Chudinovich and Constanda 2006), (Chudinovich and Constanda 2000), and (Chudinovich and Constanda 2005).


Elastic Plate Equivalent Norm Exterior Domain Trace Operator Thin Structure 
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