A Mixed BEM Applied to Scattering of Thermal Waves in Composite Materials

  • Ricardo Celorrio
  • Maria-Luisa Rapún
  • Francisco-Javier Sayas


Let Ω1,Ω..., Ωd denote a finite number of simply connected domains strictly contained in ℝ _ 2 := |(x 1, x 2) | x 2 < 0} with nonintersecting closures and such that \( \bar \Omega _k \cap \Pi = \not 0 \) for all k, being ∏: = |(x 1), 0) | x 1 ∈ ℝ}. The boundaries Γ k := ∂Ω k are assumed to be parameterizable C 2-curves. Normals are directed towards the exterior of Ω k for each k and the normal derivative on ∏ is directed towards the exterior of Ω (see Fig. 1).


Boundary Element Method Boundary Integral Equation Thermal Wave Single Layer Potential Boundary Integral Formulation 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ricardo Celorrio
  • Maria-Luisa Rapún
  • Francisco-Javier Sayas

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