Lossless N-Ports

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Figure 4.1 illustrates the Amplifier Matching Problem of Chapter 2. Given an amplifier, an amplifier designer is to find input and output matching circuits that maximize the gain, minimize the noise, and guarantee stability. The matching circuits are the lossless 2-ports of Chapter 1. The scattering matrices of the lossless 2-ports belong to the following set:
$$ U^ + (2): = \left\{ {S \in \Re \bar BH^\infty (\mathbb{C}_{ + ,} \mathbb{C}^{2 \times 2} ):S(jw)^H S(jw) = I_2 a.e.} \right\} $$
See the Preface and Chapter 3 for notation. Thus, amplifier matching is an optimization problem on U +(2) × U +(2).
Fig. 4.1.

Single amplifier and matching circuits.


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