Spin-Weighted Spherical Harmonics. Applications

  • G. F. Torres del Castillo
Part of the Progress in Mathematical Physics book series (PMP, volume 32)


The orthonormal basis, {er, eθ, eφ}, induced by the spherical coordinates (r, θ, ø) is related to the spinor o given in (2.6) by means of
$${e_r} = {o^\dag }\sigma o,\quad {e_\theta } + i{e_\phi } = {o^t}\varepsilon \sigma o$$
[cf. (1.26) and (1.43)] and the transformation (2.13) produces the rotation through α about er given by
$${e_r} \mapsto {e_r},\quad {e_\theta } + i{e_\phi } \mapsto {e^{i\alpha }}({e_\theta } + i{e_\phi }).$$


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