The fixed points of the transfer operator

  • Ola Bratteli
  • Palle Jorgensen
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Mathematicians love to find groups in unexpected places, and the discovery of Frobenius that the set of phases of the eigenvalues of maximal modulus of a given positive matrix is the finite union of finite abelian groups with multiplication equal to multiplication of phases is a case in point. This discovery has had all kinds of wonderful applications, for example to symbolic dynamics and computational mathematics. But the result does not carry over to the infinite-dimensional version of the Perron-Frobenius theory which you saw in the last chapter. So the next best thing is to look instead for a related property which still has the implications that you want for wavelet analysis. The group property that Frobenius discovered has its origin in the study of inner products u* υ where u and υ are eigenvectors for some given positive matrix R corresponding to a pair of peripheral eigenvalues, say λ u and λ v .


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