Linear Differential Game with Two Pursuers and One Evader

  • Stéphane Le Ménec
Part of the Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games book series (AISDG, volume 11)


We study the situation involving two pursuers and one evader in the framework of DGL/1 (Linear Differential Game with bounded controls and first order dynamics for both players). The criterion of the one-on-one DGL/1 game is the terminal miss distance (perpendicular to the initial pursuer/evader Line Of Sight). The pursuer is minimizing this outcome meantime the evader is maximizing the same criterion. We introduce one pursuer more and analyze the changes. A new optimal evasion strategy is then derived to compromise the terminal miss distance with respect to each pursuer. This trade-off strategy and the resulting 2 ×1 No Escape Zone have been computed when the pursuers have the same time-to-go as well as with different times-to-go (equal and different durations of the individual games).


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