Least Squares, Projections, and Pseudoinverses

  • Misha E. Kilmer
  • Dianne P. O’Leary
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These papers form a small sample of Stewart’s work on least squares, projec- 14 tions, and generalized inverses; see also [GWS-J23, GWS-J28, GWS-J60, GWS-J97, 15 GWS-J119, GWS-N5, GWS-N24], for example. Stewart’s focus in this area was to 16 put the understanding of generalized inverses on as firm a footing as that of the 17 usual matrix inverse. He proceeded by establishing continuity properties, effects of 18 scaling, and perturbation theory, using orthogonal projectors as a unifying frame- 19 work. 20


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