Sociology of Kleinian Groups

  • Michael Kapovich
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Let G be a Lie group and Г a finitely generated group. A representation ρ : Г → G is said to be discrete if its image is a discrete subgroup of G. A representation is said to be faithful if it is a monomorphism. Definition 8.1. Suppose that ρj is a sequence of representations of Г to G. Then the sequence ρj is said to be algebraically convergent to a representation ρ iff for each g ϵ Г, we have
$$\mathop {\lim }\limits_{n \to \infty } \rho j(g) = \rho (g),$$
Where convergence is understood in the topology of the Lie group G. The topology of algebraic convergence is consistent with the usual topology of the representation variety R 0 (Г, G). This is the most intutively obvious concept of convergence of representations. As we shall see, there are some other definitions of convergence that differ from this one.


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