Influence of a Weak Aerodynamics/Structure Interaction on the Aerodynamical Global Optimization of Shape

  • A. Nastase


The aim of this chapter is to perform a multidisciplinary aerodynamical global optimal design (OD) and to find the shape of a flying configuration (FC) that has high aerodynamical performance (a high ratio of L/D (lift to drag)) and also satisfies the requirements of the structure.

The global aerodynamical OD tries to determine the shapes of the external surface of an FC and of its planform in order to obtain high aerodynamical performances, and the structural OD tries to obtain a structure with minimal weight, inside this surface, with satisfactory stiffness. A certain degree of independence and also a certain interdependence occur between the global aerodynamical and structural ODs of the shape of the FC, which must be harmonized in order to obtain an FC with high aerodynamical performance which also satisfies all the requirements of the structure. In what follows we propose a weak aerodynamics/structure interaction via new and/or modified constraints that are required from a structural viewpoint.


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