Some Remarks on the Hausdorff and Spectral Dimension of V-Variable Nested Fractals

  • Uta Renata Freiberg
Part of the Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis book series (ANHA)


New families of random fractals, referred to as V-variable fractals (developed by Barnsley, Hutchinson, and Stenflo), are presented. In order to define and investigate a Laplacian and a Brownian motion–or, equivalently– a Dirichlet form on them, we introduce the class of V-variable nested fractals. These are nested fractals over families of iterated function systems with nested attractors and a uniform set of essential fixed points. So, the underlying graphs in the construction steps form sequences of comparable resistance networks. Dirichlet forms are defined ω-wise in a canonical way. In a survey style, we explain how to get Hausdorff and spectral dimension of such fractals by applying results of Furstenberg and Kesten on limits of products of random matrices.


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