Scale and Resolution

  • Mladen Victor Wickerhauser
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Suppose that w = w(t) is a function of one real variable. For a > 0 and any real b, the new function wab defined by
$$ w{}_{ab}(t)^{\underline{\underline {\rm {def}}} } \frac{1}{{\sqrt a }}w(\frac{{t - b}}{a}),$$
is a shifted and stretched copy of w. For example, if w = 1 is the indicator function of the interval [0, 1], then wab is the indicator function of the interval [b, b + a],√a divided by

Now imagine that some fixed w is a waveform that is present in a signal, centered at an unknown location t = b and scaled to an unknown width a. The collection {wab : a > 0, bε R} consists of all shifted and stretched versions of w, and can be matched with the signal to determine the best values for a and b. In this context, w is called a mother function for the collection.


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