Regular A-Determinants and A-Discriminants

  • Israel M. Gelfand
  • Mikhail M. Kapranov
  • Andrei V. Zelevinsky
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In the previous chapter we established some structural properties of the principal A-determinant E A . Now we shall apply this information to the A-discriminant Δ A . In the most important case when the toric variety X A is smooth, we have
$$ {E_A}(f) = \prod\limits_{\Gamma \subset Q} {{\Delta _{A \cap \Gamma }}} (f) $$
where the product is taken over all the faces of the polytope Q = Conv (A) (Theorem 1.2 Chapter 10). Since (in the case when X A is smooth) a similar equality holds for each E A⋂Г, we have a system of equalities relating the polynomials Δ A⋂Г and E A⋂Г that allows us to recover Δ A as as an alternating product of the E A⋂Г. Consequently, alternating sums and products will appear in the expressions for the Newton polytope and coefficients of Δ A .


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