The L2\(\bar{\partial}\)-Method in a Holomorphic Line Bundle

  • Terrence Napier
  • Mohan Ramachandran
Part of the Cornerstones book series (COR)


In this chapter, we consider a useful generalization of the notion of a holomorphic function, namely, that of a holomorphic section of a holomorphic line bundle. We first consider the basic properties of holomorphic line bundles as well as those of sheaves and divisors. We then proceed with a discussion of the solution of the inhomogeneous Cauchy–Riemann equation with L 2 estimates in this more general setting. In this setting, there is a natural generalization of Theorem 2.9.1 for Hermitian holomorphic line bundles (E,h) with positive curvature; that is, iΘ h >0, where Θ h is a natural generalization of the curvature form \(\Theta_{\varphi}=\partial\bar{\partial} \varphi \) considered in Sect.  2.8. In fact, Sects. 3.63.9 may be read in place of most of the material in Sects.  2.6 2.9. We then consider applications, mostly to the study of holomorphic line bundles on open Riemann surfaces (holomorphic line bundles on compact Riemann surfaces are considered in greater depth in Chap.  4). For example, in Sect. 3.11, we prove that every holomorphic line bundle on an open Riemann surface admits a positive-curvature Hermitian metric (this follows easily from the results of Sect.  2.14); and we then obtain a slightly more streamlined proof of (a generalization of) the Mittag-Leffler theorem (Theorem 2.15.1). In Sect. 3.12, we prove the Weierstrass theorem (Theorem 3.12.1), according to which every holomorphic line bundle on an open Riemann surface is actually holomorphically trivial.


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