This chapter catalogues all known works of Mario Pieri, published and unpublished, according to topic and type. In annotations it describes some of them in detail. The others will be annotated in subsequent books of this series. Sections 6.1 to 6.7 list Pieri’s publications in the following categories:
  1. 6.1

    Differential geometry

  2. 6.2

    Algebraic geometry1

  3. 6.3

    Vector analysis

  4. 6.4

    Foundations of geometry

  5. 6.5

    Arithmetic, logic, and philosophy of science

  6. 6.6


  7. 6.7

    Further works

Some of these are divided further. For example, section 6.7 has subsections for Pieri’s edited translations, reviews, lecture notes, and collected works, and one for memorial articles about Pieri. Within each section or subsection complete bibliographic citations of Pieri’s works are listed in order of the year of publication, and alphabetically within each year. Notations indicate when a work was completed in a year before the listed publication date, or when a publication spans more than one year.2 The citations were copied from the present book’s bibliography; their format details and conventions are described in its introductory paragraphs. The citations in the present chapter also include translations of the titles.


Algebraic Geometry Elementary Geometry Projective Geometry Military Academy High Secondary School 
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