Modern Banach Space Theory — Selected Topics


Due to lack of space, it is impossible to present in this chapter all branches of modern Banach space theory. Luckily enough, the Handbook of the Geometry of Banach Spaces (almost 2000 pages) covers most of these gaps. In particular, the reader is advised to consult the survey articles about the classical spaces Lp(M,ℳ,μ) and C(K) written by Alspach/Odell [JOHN 1 , pp. 123–159], Johnson/Schechtman [JOHN 1 , pp. 837–870], Koldobsky/König [JOHN 1 , pp. 899–939], and Rosenthal [JOHN 1 , pp. 1547–1602].


Banach Space Toeplitz Operator Besov Space Banach Lattice Hankel Operator 
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