Weights for One–Sided Operators

  • Francisco Javier Martín-ReyesEmail author
  • Pedro Ortega
  • Alberto la de Torre
Part of the Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis book series (ANHA)


We present a survey about weights for one-sided operators, one of the areas in which Carlos Segovia made significant contributions. The classical Dunford–Schwartz ergodic theorem can be considered as the first result about weights for the one-sided Hardy–Littlewood maximal operator. From this starting point, we study weighted inequalities for one-sided operators: positive operators like the Hardy averaging operator, the one-sided Hardy–Littlewood maximal operator, singular approximations of the identity, one-sided singular integrals. We end with applications to ergodic theory and with some recent results in dimensions greater than 1.


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  • Pedro Ortega
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