Carlos Segovia Fernández

  • Roberto A. MacíasEmail author
  • José L. Torrea
Part of the Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis book series (ANHA)


It is an entirely vain endeavor to try to describe in a few pages the mathematical life of Carlos Segovia. The variety and richness of his deep results and proofs would need a whole book in order to put them into their propercontext and to see what has been their ulterior influence. However, space limitation has the advantage that this chapter will probably be read by more people than if the exposition was as exhaustive as it deserves. This chapter has been written keeping in mind the idea of reaching more people than just the specialists. It can be thought of as a painting in which only a reduced number of strokes have been made, enough to give the viewer a rough idea of the completed work, but giving him the freedom to choose to finish those parts in which he is more interested.


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